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Discover the Modern West

The goal of this project was to promote tourism to Fort Worth, by showing the different places and destinations that it has to offer. While we wanted to physically show different tourist attractions and locations, the main goal was to show the vibe. The goal was to display the cities personality in a visually exciting way. This entire project was captured in 4.5 days, with a nimble minimal crew. With the amount of extras and on camera talent represented in this spot, scheduling was a huge priority to insure we had enough time at each location. In total we had 28 Company Moves (Different locations we had to move to) 100+ Extras TECH SPECS: This project was shot on the RED Helium 8k with Atlas Anamorphics. RESULTS: This spot has been viewed thousands of times on the web, and shown during several national televised broadcasts. Discover the Modern West, also took home a Silver at the American Advertising Awards. LINK:


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