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Elephant Springs

What do you do when your main actors weigh over 8000lbs? You bring a big camera. This fun project was created for the Fort Worth Zoo's newest exhibit Elephant Springs. We worked with Schaefer Advertising to create a TV spot that showed off the new exhibit and what it has to offer. We sectioned the shoot day into 2 parts. The first part of the day we filmed with our Extras and Actors to capture their reactions. After the elephants were let into their enclosure, we filmed towards their direction. Since we had no control on what the elephants would be doing, we had to be ready for anything. We had 4 different camera set ups built and ready to capture anything they might do. Camera 1: Red Epic with Canon 50-1000mm (This set up let us grab those close-up slow mo shots from a far distance Camera 2: Red Helium 8k (This camera was primarily used to capture the close-ups and detail shots with our actors and extras) Camera 3: Black Magic 6k on a Gimbal (We used this set up to quickly grab some gimbal shots when needed) Camera 4: Drone (Yes we are fully licensed) The production went great and we were able to capture everything we needed in a single shoot day. LINK:


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